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I am very late in posting this, like almost two years too late. These amazing cuties are already running around and causing trouble together as twins do. This obviously means I’m really behind blog wise, but I have an excuse I have been pregnant and now have my own new little one running around causing trouble, but more on that later. However I have to share with you all the twins amazing pictures and adorable personalities. So with out further ado I am happy to announce to you the arrival of the very anticipated Adeline and Ansley. I posted a while back about their beautiful mama’s maternity session called “because I’m on bed rest that’s why”.  She was such a trooper and after being in the hospital and on bed rest the girls finally arrived March 8th, 2013. They were so tiny then. Adeline was the smaller one at 3lb, 14oz and Ansley at 4lb, 4oz. They were in the NICU for at least a month which is so tough. They are amazing parents and were such troopers, they love these cuties so feaircly. I actually had to check the dates of these pictures to see when we actually photographed them and they where a whopping 2 months old. I still can’t believe they where ever this tiny._MG_0822-Edit-2 copyThis is the first time I ever tried the whole head in hands pose and I have to say with twins they just lean and push on each other and you have to have a lot of hands to help. I think it turned out just beautiful though._MG_0930-EditB&W-Edit copyIn an ideal world you photograph newborns with in the first ten days of life, because they are super sleepy and still have their days and nights mixed up. So considering this is them at 2 months I have to say they where amazing. I was very surprised that we could get the girls to sleep during their session. With twins one is always sleeping while the other was awake. So during there solo sleeping we did individual pictures, but I also loved getting some images of grandma and daddy with the girls._MG_0831-EditB&W2_MG_0836-EditB&W2Some NICU babies can be difficult, because they have been poked and prodded so much. Not these girls, probably because mom and dad give them tons of cuddles. They where so funny in this basket as always one is completely asleep and trying to roll right onto the other. Twins are too funny. _MG_0886B&W-2 copy_MG_0894 copy1This is Ansley she was the bigger of the two and was allowed out of the NICU before her sister. _MG_0942-EditB&W copy2_MG_0948-EditB&W-3 copy_MG_1070-EditB&WHaving one baby out of the NICU and one in can be rough. Even though you are of course glad to have one of them out it also makes it more difficult to visit the other one. The other twin now can’t come in the NICU so the parents have to take turns going in to the NICU or having someone watch the first baby, which is hard. Mostly it’s just a waiting game untill they are both home and together. I think getting to see this family finally home and together was one of my favorite things about this session._MG_1168-EditB&W3Poor Adeline had a tough time after she got out of the NICU. She was having issues with formula, she had a milk allergy. Poor girl her little tummy would swell up so big. We knew this was an issue so we were very sensitive and patient with her.  We did end up get less shots of her for this session, But she was such a little trooper!_MG_1043B&W-2_MG_1062-Edit_MG_1051-Edit_MG_1046-EditWhen babies are over the ten day mark they tend to not want to sleep for their session. So I did try to keep them mostly wrapped, swaddled, or covered in blankets when we could. This shot is actually an outtake, we were getting them positioned. In hind site I think I may need to invest in some diaper covers. I just love this shot even in their diapers, their adorable and I love that mom is soothing them rocking those little feet._MG_1000-EditB&W-3Page-11
I love this one of them up close and the crop._MG_1001-Edit2_MG_0988-EditB&W-2 copyCan you tell that mommy and daddy have a very important job, yep they both work for the fire department. I just love them laying on their jacket. I also forced mommy and daddy to do separates and family shots. When you do a newborn session it is really warm to keep baby happy and sleepy, so at the end of the session your sweltering, not to mention you just had twins and your exhausted. They are only this tiny for a very short time though and you can never go back so I always try to do a family photo. They waited so long to hold them, for them to get out of the NICU, and finally they are home and can be a family. So It was just really important for me to push the family photo. I know as the photographer and their friend that it can really mean a lot._MG_1154-EditB&W-Edit copy copy_MG_1132-EditB&W-2_MG_1117B&W copy

So I have never been a bridesmaid before, ok ever!!! So I was super excited to be asked by my friend Danielle 🙂 She wanted to have a bridal tea for around 22 people as her bridal shower. Which seemed easy at first, then I realized its not it’s crazy, like mad hatter crazy. We planned to hold it outside at her sisters house which meant finding tea sets and table cloths and vintage everything. Which seemed a little more difficult then I had originally though because most tea sets come in a set of 6 and most people do not want to lend out very vintage and elegant china. Then it occurred to me and my new best friend Holly ( the made of  honor) that we where being very ridiculous. We had completely forgotten that there is a place in town that does bridal teas and high teas and all sorts of fun things. It’s called Miss Minerva’s tea room, in Culpeper, VA. Oh I can not tell you how much I adore and appreciate them, they where so great. Plus for the cost of what we would have spent to try and do it ourselves we had them do it, and it turned out amazing! They were soo sweet and great to deal with. I’m pretty sure I now have to bring my mom, grandmother, aunt, and mother in law back here as a special treat. You may think that tea parties are dull, but it was actually very calm and enjoyable. As far as showers go you get to spend the whole time hanging out, catching up with friends and being waited on. What is better than that? Plus I got to wear a fun hat so wahoo! So this is the beautiful bride my friend Danielle!_MG_1271 This is my new best friend Holly aka Made of Honor. She helped plan this and she did the bachelorette party which no I am not sharing pics of, although it was a total blast. These girls are too fun. I really love Holly, and I’m so glad I met her! Danielle manages to bring together everyone! She even introduced me to my husband. She should be a match maker, right? Any way here is the beautiful Holly!_MG_1331 copyWave Holly, say hi to everyone, it’s great being the Made of honor and hosting lol. _MG_1269

This is Chantel, Danielle’s sister. I love this picture of her and was so happy and surprised she managed to help us plan, even though she has a little adorable boy. His name is Elliot and man boys are always a handful. Although you can see he really did well hanging with all the girls.  _MG_1288He got to wear a hat too! Everyone loves hats it’s just true.


This is Christy who was kind enough to let Danielle borrow her house and land for her wedding. Her and Holly are both laughing at Christy’s little gem, Summer._MG_1239 And this is Summer 🙂 _MG_1234_MG_1232

I laughed really hard when my friend Melissa showed up, who I never get to see. She obviously didn’t tell me that she was going to dressed as my twin. What can you do great minds think alike. Ps we look so similar so just so you know I am the one on the left.

_MG_1250There were tons of other people there and the best was getting to check out all the hats. Some were from the hat room at Miss Minerva’s, she has a hat room with pearls and everything. Who doesn’t love to dress up and be dainty 🙂

_MG_1244_MG_1245-2_MG_1248_MG_1238 copy_MG_1311

Showers are a great time for everyone to meet each other before the wedding, but here is one person you have to meet. This is Miss Minerva herself, she was hanging out in the hat room with a variety of hats and pearls and such for everyone to try on. Some days Miss Minerva sits outside the shop and watches all the happenings on our adorable little main street here in Culpeper._MG_1241Inside Miss Minerva’s there is so much to look at, beautiful tea sets for purchase, and even a tea sniffing bar. Here are some of the beautiful tea sets._MG_1226a_MG_1218_MG_1225B&WFinilly after all our chatting we sat down for tea and more talking. The table settings where so pretty and we added little teapots filled with flowers to the bride’s table and gift table, they where from Designs by Teresa in Warrenton, Va._MG_1182 copy_MG_1338_MG_1339 copy_MG_1213

These are some of the sets we used for the party, aren’t they just gorgeous. I loved how the tables were set up._MG_1208_MG_1215_MG_1184This was my cup of tea and it was really amazing! We had wedding tea which I had never had before and I had fun putting in sugar cubes. Please it’s not like you have sugar cubes at home._MG_1275_MG_1183The food was also great, not only did they have the typical cucumber sandwiches, but they also had these little pinwheel things that had, I think it was roast beef, amazing! Biscuits with jam and cream, and all sorts of other goodies._MG_1266_MG_1265_MG_1264

Cream puffs and scones every thing was just amazing.

I think everyone enjoyed drinking with pinkies up._MG_1277_MG_1276Next it was onto party games. I think we made her answer questions and cram gum in her mouth for all the wrong ones. What is classier at a tea party then to talk and laugh with a mouth full of gum._MG_1316_MG_1307a_MG_1289While we played everyone kept the babies busy, fancy and low key what could be better._MG_1302a_MG_1304_MG_1206We opened presents and I tried to tell her that the more ribbons you cut the more kids you will have. So would you believe that stubborn girl just to prove she didn’t have to cut it bent the box trying to get all my ribbon off that I had tied insanely tight. How unlady like lol._MG_1347_MG_1348

Then there was of course cake which was provided by Knakals bakery in town. I made the favors and we also had people fill out their addresses so the bride could send out thank you notes._MG_1281_MG_1190_MG_1192_MG_1195_MG_1196_MG_1278

This is the whole crew, it was a great day and I loved being apart of it. Thanks again to Miss Manerva’s for making it all happen._MG_1349-5

So this is the beautiful Noelle or Ellie as she is called by her friends. Her birth story is just out of this world and, if I didn’t know this amazing couple I would have just thought it was craziness. So, the meaning of Noelle of course is Christmas so it was so fitting that Ellie decided to be born during a kind of freak snow storm in March. She was actually due April 4th, but obviously Miss Ellie needed to have a grand entrance. However the snow isn’t the crazy part, Ellie was actually born on the side of the road, delivered by her mommy with daddy by her side. Their story was picked up by a bunch of news organizations in our area most of them made it sound so normal lol but, since I know them and know how crazy it must have been I think this gives you a good impression of how it all went down. This video clip even has part of his 911 call, soo crazy!

Leesburg baby delivered on Dulles Toll Road | WJLA.com.

See you have to understand with the last baby she was one of those woman that got to stay at two cementers for like days so 3 weeks early she wasn’t really thinking Ellie would be here fast and in a hurry. So she started having contractions in the morning and then called her hubby JP at the gym to come take her to the hospital. They called a friend to come over and watch their adorable son Jackson which took about 20 min and then they were off to the hospital. I talked to her about how crazy it all was and I can’t imagine having contractions and trying to hold them in, torture. Thankfully she just came out and was born with no complications thank God! I love their story, they are such a great family, love them! Aren’t they super adorable, especially with little Jackson’s laugh? Super precious 🙂Keegan-11x14I believe in making things personal and I just loved this blanket they had, that had been passed down. She looks so adorable on it._MG_0249-Edit_MG_0221-Edit_MG_0212-Edit-Edit_MG_0200a_MG_0193-Edit

I also got to meet Sarah’s mom while I was there and I just loved to see all the girls together._MG_0428-Edit_MG_0438-EditB&WCoffeeShop Diptych 2

Having a boy means that when you have a girl next, it’s like bring on the pink. Even JP said how adorable she looks in her little bows, so girlie 🙂_MG_0469-Edit copy_MG_0473-Edit_MG_0478-Edit_MG_0444-Edit_MG_0296-Edit copy_MG_0301-Edit

Speaking of having little boys first, their little son Jackson is just barely younger then my son so it was such a joy to see him interact with his new baby sister. He has such a personality, what a cutie pie._MG_0309-EditB&W_MG_0305-Edit copy_MG_0234-EdittrainAnd a big bravo to this super hero mommy not only did she deliver this beautiful baby girl, but she has worked so hard to stay sane with a toddler running around and no sleep. Not to mention miss Ellie has colic and is alergic to a ton of stuff; and mommy is still hanging in there, brestfeeding and getting to eat next to nothing, because little one is allergic to everything. Poor mom no peanut butter, milk or lattes, what is a mom to do? So she gets a huge bravo for hanging in and being amazing while doing it, WAY TO GO SARAH!!!  She is amazing and beautiful and it was such a joy to get to be a part of all the craziness!_MG_0315_MG_0318_MG_0230-Edit_MG_0368-Edit_MG_0367-Edit-2_MG_0366_MG_0364_MG_0362_MG_0492-Edit

The tradition that started with their first baby was to have a picture of all their feet together so I was thrilled to do this for them with all the families feet, hope they are all getting some sleep by now 🙂_MG_0353 copy

Wahoo schools out for summer! Well I’m bringing you back to school in this post. I had the privilege a little while back (while school was still in session) to photograph two girls volleyball teams! They were so fun! I had really forgotten how things are when your in middle school, laughing about boys and all that!!! Maybe laughing too hard. Once you get a group of girls giggling about boys, it’s kind of  hard to get them to stop, opps! I photographed all the girls days before both teams had their big championship games and wahoo, they won!!!  This is a pic a friend of mine took of them, I think it was after their game, but I think all their personalities really shine. They are such a great group, I’m so glad they won!


I don’t normally do sports stuff, but I really wanted their stuff to be a little different and felt really good how it all turned out. All the volleyball templets out there seemed well.. boring so this is the one I choose.5x7vert_Volleyball copyGroup copyGroup1 copyS02_5X7_Card_01A copy

I have to give a big shout out to Marshall Middle School for being so nice and letting me set up and bring all my stuff! Oh and to make the templates more personalized to the school they let me use their logo, Go Wolves! You can tell that the staff there is just really great! As I said I don’t normally do sports stuff and so for sports images the lab I use makes you send it FTP. Which I had never done. If you know what that is cool if you don’t let me just tell you it was a huge pain in my butt. Why? Because I can never do things the easy way. I got some one from the lab to email a kind of  step by step on how to do it, but of course it’s email so that wasn’t exactly right. I always want my stuff to be great so I went the extra mile to put the girls names on every template which caused me problems later. So.. apparently you are supposed to set it all up like how you would do school pictures- the one shot of the girl gets used to print a wallet, 5×7, and magnet. Well I couldn’t really do it that way, because thats right I had put the girls pictures into  templates with their name on them. So instead of a nice packet where each girls stuff is all together. I had to have them printed a different way and group them myself. so this is what my kitchen table looked like while I grouped them and put them into their packets. Oh well, live and learn for next time. It was all worth it though I really though the templets looked great! Oh and excuse my horrible Iphone pictures lol.


Here are some of the images of the girls non Iphone lol. _MG_9950_MG_9945_MG_0176A_MG_0112_MG_0077_MG_0057_MG_0168a (1) copySo, this whole project started, because a great friend of mine recommended me; she has a daughter on the team. So a big thank you to my friend Melanie and her beautiful daughter Sierra! Here she is and here they are together, they are too adorable!_MG_9925_MG_0160A

Congrats girls on the championship, I had a blast hanging out and getting to meet you all!

Ok so I had to share this video clip (sorry it’s a link don’t know why it was having issues) and as always it’s a random obscure clip. It’s from the movie what to expect when your expecting. I had to share, well because well it’s funny and for all the girls out there on bed rest, I’m sure you need a little giggle. I also think it is a great movie, I cried. There is a part where she says she just wants the “Glow” and talks about the images in magazines and how it all looks so perfect. So I had to share, because not only do the pictures below look like she has the “glow” and she does, she’s also not too much of a complainer so I though I would do it for her, because pregnancy is hard sometimes 🙂


So hope you had a laugh and now I am so happy to share with you some really great news. Friends of ours are having Twins!!! Two identical twin girls!!! We had been praying for them and were super excited to hear the news! As most people ask when someone has twins, yes they are IVF twins, they are a great success story! Their very strong mommy survived the IVF process, which if you have ever done it or know someone that has, you know it is hell on wheels. Not only do you have to give yourself shots and things, but there is also disappointment and hormones, lots and lots of hormones. We are overjoyed to celebrate with them and I hope if any of you are going though it that you take great joy in their success too! They are such a strong couple and we are so excited for them and to meet their new little girls. I wish you all knew them they are super funny, kind, caring and I can’t get enough of seeing them so happy. Their baby shower was so beautiful, they got tons of adorable pink clothes 🙂 I have a little boy so I get all wide eyed at all the pink girls stuff out there. Girl stuff is so cute, right?? Boys are very jeans and a t-shirt, but girls get hair bows, stockings, and dresses, it’s too fun. People were also passing around a very adorable baby boy at the shower, about 5 months old I think. I look over and there is the hubby holding him all goo goo eyed. So now I’m getting harassed on when we’re having another one and can it please be a girl lol. I though that happened the other way around aren’t girls supposed to annoy boys about that stuff? Anyway it was an adorable baby shower and their house is now filled with so much pink, these girls are going to be just too adorable.Dawn SittingI was so excited to get to do their maternity pictures recently and had such a great time, even though she was on bed rest poor girl. They are soo happy and in love they make it look soo perfect right? But we can all guess what bed rest is really like, right? Sooo fun right? Um no! It was adorable though to see our friend start to become a daddy, kissing the belly and well, putting away all the baby closes and stuff. He is working his butt off and she is such a tuff cookie and never complains! They are both doing so much, these little sweeties are going to have such a great family to be apart of. Oh they are going to do so great! Even before the twins are born she is already protecting and worrying about them. I love getting to see that stuff. It truly is a privilege, to see people go though the pregnancy process. Moms worry about their babies and already love them so much, and they haven’t even meet them yet. There is also the speculation of what the girls little personalities will be like and who they will become. Guys I don’t think really grasp that they are dads until they are home changing diapers and it hits them, omg this is for real!_MG_9565-EditB&W_MG_9559-EditB&WI feel and I’m sure they agree it has been a long road, because well  bed rest makes you feel like you have been waiting on pins and needles forever! Isn’t that the case with twins, 🙁 not fun. So we did her maternity pictures earlier then I normally would, because lets get real at the end of a pregnancy, especially with twins you do not want to be on your feet for long. I think she did amazing though. I think they look too adorable! And serious, which they normally aren’t, normally they are just a riot so I found these to be extra cute! The ones below are a little more playful._MG_9530-EditB&W_MG_9525-EditB&W_MG_9522-EditB&WI have to hand it to the girl, she looks great right, and with twins!! I know you guys never would have guessed, she was having twins. I don’t think I could have ever in a million years even managed to get my pre-pregency jeans over my butt at that stage in the game, but she did and rocked it out! And she’s having twins!!!_MG_9667-EditB&WI love this one, you have to have a kiss the belly shot, right? We took a whole lot more pictures along these lines, you know where you cover your chest with your arms and show the belly. But we decided those are a for the hubby’s eyes only pictures, but trust me they look amazing!!!! We also  did some fun ones of the hubby that we put in the collage, I love it! It’s going up in their room and I think mamma’s going to put a picture of each girl on either side of it, so It’s going to be great in their room!opt2So I’m going to leave you with  two similar images, I love both versions and always find it hard to decide 🙂 But I’m off and running, because guess what? The twins are HERE!!! They just arrived the other day despite all mamma’s hard work on bead rest. Though they are early, they seem to be doing well and came into the world pink and beautiful. No birthmarks on either so they may have to mark one of them with a sharpie to be able to tell them apart. They will be visiting the NICU for a bit like most twins, though the only issue they seem to have is that they are not big enough to go home in a carseat yet. My son was only in the NICU for a week, but it’s so stressful so please pray that they get out of the NICU soon! _MG_9684-Edit2_MG_9690-Edit