Because I’m On Bed Rest That’s Why!

Ok so I had to share this video clip (sorry it’s a link don’t know why it was having issues) and as always it’s a random obscure clip. It’s from the movie what to expect when your expecting. I had to share, well because well it’s funny and for all the girls out there on bed rest, I’m sure you need a little giggle. I also think it is a great movie, I cried. There is a part where she says she just wants the “Glow” and talks about the images in magazines and how it all looks so perfect. So I had to share, because not only do the pictures below look like she has the “glow” and she does, she’s also not too much of a complainer so I though I would do it for her, because pregnancy is hard sometimes 🙂

So hope you had a laugh and now I am so happy to share with you some really great news. Friends of ours are having Twins!!! Two identical twin girls!!! We had been praying for them and were super excited to hear the news! As most people ask when someone has twins, yes they are IVF twins, they are a great success story! Their very strong mommy survived the IVF process, which if you have ever done it or know someone that has, you know it is hell on wheels. Not only do you have to give yourself shots and things, but there is also disappointment and hormones, lots and lots of hormones. We are overjoyed to celebrate with them and I hope if any of you are going though it that you take great joy in their success too! They are such a strong couple and we are so excited for them and to meet their new little girls. I wish you all knew them they are super funny, kind, caring and I can’t get enough of seeing them so happy. Their baby shower was so beautiful, they got tons of adorable pink clothes 🙂 I have a little boy so I get all wide eyed at all the pink girls stuff out there. Girl stuff is so cute, right?? Boys are very jeans and a t-shirt, but girls get hair bows, stockings, and dresses, it’s too fun. People were also passing around a very adorable baby boy at the shower, about 5 months old I think. I look over and there is the hubby holding him all goo goo eyed. So now I’m getting harassed on when we’re having another one and can it please be a girl lol. I though that happened the other way around aren’t girls supposed to annoy boys about that stuff? Anyway it was an adorable baby shower and their house is now filled with so much pink, these girls are going to be just too adorable.Dawn SittingI was so excited to get to do their maternity pictures recently and had such a great time, even though she was on bed rest poor girl. They are soo happy and in love they make it look soo perfect right? But we can all guess what bed rest is really like, right? Sooo fun right? Um no! It was adorable though to see our friend start to become a daddy, kissing the belly and well, putting away all the baby closes and stuff. He is working his butt off and she is such a tuff cookie and never complains! They are both doing so much, these little sweeties are going to have such a great family to be apart of. Oh they are going to do so great! Even before the twins are born she is already protecting and worrying about them. I love getting to see that stuff. It truly is a privilege, to see people go though the pregnancy process. Moms worry about their babies and already love them so much, and they haven’t even meet them yet. There is also the speculation of what the girls little personalities will be like and who they will become. Guys I don’t think really grasp that they are dads until they are home changing diapers and it hits them, omg this is for real!_MG_9565-EditB&W_MG_9559-EditB&WI feel and I’m sure they agree it has been a long road, because well  bed rest makes you feel like you have been waiting on pins and needles forever! Isn’t that the case with twins, 🙁 not fun. So we did her maternity pictures earlier then I normally would, because lets get real at the end of a pregnancy, especially with twins you do not want to be on your feet for long. I think she did amazing though. I think they look too adorable! And serious, which they normally aren’t, normally they are just a riot so I found these to be extra cute! The ones below are a little more playful._MG_9530-EditB&W_MG_9525-EditB&W_MG_9522-EditB&WI have to hand it to the girl, she looks great right, and with twins!! I know you guys never would have guessed, she was having twins. I don’t think I could have ever in a million years even managed to get my pre-pregency jeans over my butt at that stage in the game, but she did and rocked it out! And she’s having twins!!!_MG_9667-EditB&WI love this one, you have to have a kiss the belly shot, right? We took a whole lot more pictures along these lines, you know where you cover your chest with your arms and show the belly. But we decided those are a for the hubby’s eyes only pictures, but trust me they look amazing!!!! We also  did some fun ones of the hubby that we put in the collage, I love it! It’s going up in their room and I think mamma’s going to put a picture of each girl on either side of it, so It’s going to be great in their room!opt2So I’m going to leave you with  two similar images, I love both versions and always find it hard to decide 🙂 But I’m off and running, because guess what? The twins are HERE!!! They just arrived the other day despite all mamma’s hard work on bead rest. Though they are early, they seem to be doing well and came into the world pink and beautiful. No birthmarks on either so they may have to mark one of them with a sharpie to be able to tell them apart. They will be visiting the NICU for a bit like most twins, though the only issue they seem to have is that they are not big enough to go home in a carseat yet. My son was only in the NICU for a week, but it’s so stressful so please pray that they get out of the NICU soon! _MG_9684-Edit2_MG_9690-Edit