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Hello everyone, I feel like it has been forever since I’ve posted, which I am so sorry about. We did a little traveling this Christmas season and It just put us in a bit of a whirlwind. I hope everyone’s holidays were amazing. We as a family were swamped and busy, and well it’s shameful lol, but we didn’t send our Christmas cards out until after Christmas. They still wish people well after Christmas too right? So no biggie? Well I just felt horrible, because I am the one that is always telling my clients to order their cards early so they can be sent out before the season. Well epic fail on my part this year, but it’s a new year and I’ll do better next year. I also meant to post our Christmas card on here too, so Happy New Year and belated Merry Christmas lol. As you can tell I have a toddler so family portraits are always entertaining especially to the lovely people in Starbucks that laughed at me as we tried to do this. By the way we give him a tall Starbucks cup not filled with anything and he pretends to drink it for like an hour so we are obviously grooming him to be addicted to Starbucks.Christmas Card Back 2012Christmas Card Front 2012

So the cards got here the day we left for Alabama to see some great friends of ours and Keaton’s God parents. That’s my excuse for them being late lol. We decided to split the trip up into two days down and two days back. I always feel like trips to see them are so short and there is never enough time. The trip down was crazy, we got into a dvd/ipad debate on should we get our one year old (now that he watches tv and love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) a DVD player for the back of the car or get ourselves an iPad. After checking prices, reviews and stores like two days before we left I was so irritated and didn’t care what we bought. We ended up buying nothing, thinking we could just get something on the road if need me and it turned out that our kid is amazing in the car. However on the way back we bought him this little jem for him for the trip back.51PKOg1UZ5L._SL500_AA300_

Our schedule went like this and I highly suggest it; wake up at 6 go to Starbucks eat and caffeinate, drive tell lunch time, then eat and play outside or at a play area, park or rest stop. Drive tell around five and stop to eat and sleep. That worked very well the only issue we had was that I was so tired in the AM that I left my “fluffy” pillow at the hotel never to be seen again. My husband and I lovingly argue over this pillow all the time so it was something I had to replace when we got home ( thank you Ikea)! Anyway we also figured out after the second day that Keaton was cutting some teeth from the day we left to today he has gotten 8 teeth, so we were in teething hell and he did not sleep well the whole time.

We finally made it and got to see our friends and Keaton’s God parents Matt & Jenn. So here is the skinny on Matt & Jenn (our life is so random lol) we meet them on our honeymoon cruse, they were our table mates. Matt & JennThey where on their one year anniversary and we all just clicked and had the best time! This is a very random collection, this is a snap shot of how that vacation went and set the tone for our crazy life. The JetBlue baggage policy warned us about the on coming zombie apocalypse, yet failed to warn us about the hurricane we would be narrowly missing ( we are the valor, purple dot in that pic). But we meet Matt & Jenn and it WAS our honeymoon so the trip was very eventful lol. We have an inside joke with them too, here’s the story. Matt informed us that on the on a previous cruse they had ¬†what was called a bathrobe night. Everyone threw a bathrobe over their clothes and went and partied around the ship on the last night, so we did too! Although our ship didn’t have a bathrobe night we didn’t care and got more then a few strange looks from people. My favorite picture is the one one the top right. We were supposed to meet up in out bathrobes to watch a game show in the middle of the day in the concert area. So we’re in our bathrobes and we walk in wondering if it was just a set up lol. Then we hear Matt from the top balcony yelling oh hey guys I’ll be right down. He’s in his bathrobe with a huge, huge piece of cheesecake and a coffee. He looked like he lived on the ship permanently or something it was so funny. The boys even got called up to participate in the game show in their bathrobes. So after that they became our partners in crime and we see them once or twice a year and we have a crazy time. This year was the second year we have come down around Christmas and love it because, we are totally one of the family now. We even went down one year over New Years to see the great Moon Pie drop lol, I love Alabama. This year the trip was a must do, they have been though so much and we just had to see them. On top of all the craziness in their year their beloved dog Toby passed away. It was very hard, because he was just the type of dog that knew when you needed some love and would cuddle with you. We all miss him. Their other dog Gizmo was sad and need a friend so they just recently got Maverick, so we need to go meet the new family member. Here are the crazy hooligans.Gizmo and Maverick

Don’t you just love them, they are adorable! Here they are altogether!Matt & Jenn & the boysI love this one of Keaton and his Godmother, love.Keaton & JennThis is Jenn & I, it was such a whirlwind, I really wish we had been able to spend more time there.Jenn & IAnd this is what the boys do when we all hang out, play video games. I do have to hand it to them this one game was really funny and fun to watch.video gamesThis is what all the kids do… play!!!keaton1Keaton was pushing this stroller around while all the other kids played ball. I had to throw this one in, because I just love his hair here lol and he looks so grown up. The girls were a little upset to not get the ball at one point, and I loved their little girl tantrum, childhood is so fun ūüôāfootballIn true girl fashion, five seconds later they where both having a blast!_MG_8725_MG_8685-2Everyone was running around and having such a great time I was glad to get this one while he took a three second breather lol._MG_8693The toddlers where busy too! Check out this little one, so adorable.little manI also love this one of him and the ones of mom and dad. Their all so photogenic, here’s their little man._MG_8720Then mommy_MG_8726And daddy!_MG_8692B&WBut I think this little guy is going to be a heart breaker when he grows up. His little onesie says “gift to all the ladies”, too funny!_MG_8690-Edit
All of them eventually came in and took their turns hanging out with Santa! Can you believe that Santa came special to see these adorable cutie pies? He was a great Santa, so warm and kind; makes you feel like the spirit of Christmas really is alive! He’s so amazing that when he isn’t at our friends house he also works as the Santa at the Birmingham Zoo. I’m sure everyone is very blessed to have him there, he does a great job!santa1It was such a nice day that not even Santa could keep the kids in the house. They got their presents and a huge candy cane and went back to playing outside. Check out the bottom left picture of the kiddos telling Santa a secret, it was too funny.onament

It was a great time! The next day we went and visited the girls at the office. I am so proud of Jenn, when we first meet them she had passed the bar and was starting the law firm. During the past couple years she has built her Law firm and it is one of the best in Alabama that does family law. I’m so amazed with all that she has accomplished. It brings me a lot of joy to see someone build up such an amazing business that helps so many. Working in her field can be very difficult, family law is wow a crazy thing people are basically in crisis and trying to sort out their lives and families. I have to say her clients truly do not no how hard and how much heart she really does put into her work. If your from Alabama check out my very dedicated friend Jennifer Rose at The Rose Law firm. She has been so busy that she recently hired these two amazing woman to work for her. Which is such a blessing, because as I said before, this woman is so dedicated that if she didn’t have the amazing people working for her that she does she would just work herself to death. Here are the casual shots I did, we also did the whole in front of the bookcase thing, but I just loved the light in Jenn’s office._MG_9042_MG_9028-Edit-2Ha and I also managed to get this one of the boss man/behind the scenes guru himself, Matt!_MG_9008-3We had a great time, but were so glad to get Keaton home, and back on his schedule. Here is a little snapshot of how Christmas was for him.sleepingDuane bought him a little chair and set it up on an alphabet play mat that spelled out his name, too cute. He set out all his toys and presents around it and we spent most of the day in PJ’s reading books to him, what could make for a better Christmas!_MG_9147

Oh that’s right we had family over and of course my favorite Neuhaus chocolates from a little store here in Culpeper, Thanks Frenchman’s Corner! Keaton had a blast and so did I.

_MG_9360I hope everyone had a great holiday and that it wasn’t as busy and crazy as ours. I also hope that by now you all have recovered ūüôā

Ok so lets back up, my brother got married in March. I would have told you all about it, but I didn’t have the blog then so I will fill you in now. He had his wedding in Vegas of all places. Which for me would have been a rock’n blast of a good time except, that I had Keaton, and he was only 9 months old. I didn’t want to leave him for the first time¬†and be far away from him for¬†so ¬†long.¬†So we did the unthinkable and took our kid to Vegas! This is how it feels to try to get a baby thought the airport.

I know the clip below¬†doesn’t work but I put in the link to it anyway.¬†Because this is what every man should do for his wife, if they have to take a baby on a plane.


Vegas was great I really enjoyed ¬†Keaton waking up at 4am and¬†¬†falling asleep at 4pm.¬†We touted him every where in pj’s, because of the time difference for us. It was kinda crazy, it felt like that scene in Sweet Home Alabama, where she says, “you have a baby.. in a bar”. Because all of Vegas feels like a bar, well most of it. Anyway, my brother Lee and his wife Amy ended up having to get married inside, because of a dust storm, yes really. I told you if there is craziness to be had it will¬†find me,¬†I am just a magnet like that. The day after the wedding¬†Duane, Keaton & I¬† were all ¬†sick as dogs throwing up and everything it was horrible. My mom got us all sick! Duane literally puked, then went to the store for Pedialite and I honestly don’t know how he made it back. I’m pretty sure he threw a $20 to the bell hop to bring up the groceries while he¬†ran to the room.¬†We were fine in two days, but the little man was sick for 5 days! It was awful we had to fly back home with a sick little baby. Man flying with a kid sucks, sometimes. To all of you with two or more kids you guys are my heroes. So, my brothers wedding was more than just a great time lol.

Lee and Amy¬†missed out on a lot of outside pictures due to the¬†dust storm so they wanted to do a kind of trash the dress/ bridal portraits kinda thing. So since I absolutely adore my sister in-law, she really is a blast, I agreed. Thank God my brother married her really, cause she’s the only one he’s dated that we all liked. We where probably more like if you don’t marry this girl we will harass you about it to the ends of the earth. So they decided they wanted to go to Maymont Estate in Richmond, VA which I had never been to before but was gorgeous, even in November. It was a little bit of a drive for us but, ¬†a sure thing for location shooting, love it! We get there, change her into her dress and¬†were walking down the stairs and heard a little girl say to her parents, “mommy look its a princess, you’re a princess”. It was so cute. Hey who doesn’t want to be a princess for more than just your wedding day. I think you should get to wear a wedding dress for every anniversary, just saying! However if you’ve ever done one of these sessions you know that people stare, say weird things, and take pictures. I never understood¬† why someone ¬†would want a picture of someone they don’t know all dressed up, weird! People congratulated them and my brother would throw out “we’ve been married for 8 months, but thanks anyway!”. I told you we are pretty random ūüôā It was a great time though.


We¬†actually¬†kicked some people out from under this beautiful yellow tree, I think they were picking up nuts or something. It’s November¬†and there aren’t too many trees that still had leaves on them, so we got so lucky that they had this¬†beautiful¬†tree. It adds almost a fall feel to the pictures even though that day felt a whole lot more like winter.¬†_MG_8172-2This image below is soo my brother! Photographing family is probably one of the hardest things,¬†and with my brother it’s that and comedy. Here is him ignoring a kiss from his wife and making some crazy comment to me._MG_8177

I do love this one though with the branches of the tree hanging down.


I love this series of three, sorry I would have put them (and a lot more of them) into storyboards but, alas I am on vacation without Photoshop. Omg yes it happens lol._MG_8198_MG_8202_MG_8200

This one below was taken in the Italian garden under the pergola._MG_8256

I really enjoyed this park not only because of the beautiful¬†scenery,¬†but because of ¬†the cozy corners and ¬†layers of shooting locations. Some parks you go to are entirely flat. This can¬†make it¬†difficult to shoot a whole session without¬†all the images looking too similar like you didn’t really “go” anywhere. We went down the steps and came to this stone balcony area. Areas like these are what add to a locations charm for a photographer.
_MG_8284_MG_8288These are the stairs to the Japanese gardens. I just love that you could shoot here every day for a month and still come up with so may different images and ways to use the architectural elements that they have put into this location.


Below are the¬†Japanese¬†Garden. When you’re facing the other way you have a huge water fountain that would look like it’s behind them. However, it was shut off because it was November. Instead of water there was mostly mud so shooting at this angle was soo much better. I did have to stand back a little ways which can be comical when you yell out directions like Kiss and everyone stares at you and laughs or starts kissing people which ever! You can’t be responsible to other random people kissing lol.¬†_MG_8350

I love this one. I know she’s not looking, but it was one of those moments where my brother¬† said something stupid and she was laughing at him. Did I mention we like her ūüôā_MG_8348_MG_8345-2_MG_8344_MG_8339_MG_8332

After that I figured I would have her lay her head on his shoulder, cause well he’s short and she was on a lower incline of the bridge than him._MG_8326_MG_8324

This is where little things make all the difference, we go from her trying not to laugh out loud at my crazy brother to…_MG_8323

letting him get the best of her and laughing at his ridiculousness._MG_8322

This is soo my brother! I can just see what he’s thinking…uh hum, yea you think I’m awesome, sure sure Chrissy, what I wasn’t really paying attention, just sitting her being awesome!

This is one of the biggest reasons we came to Maymont, the Japanese water garden. Luckey the water stones are fairly big, because I was a little worried I might fall off into the water and get eaten by koi fish. I also had to explain to Lee how to sit like a girl so that he could fit behind Amy without knocking her off, because the stones are not connected to each other. _MG_8377-Edit_MG_8405_MG_8401_MG_8398-Edit

I did have them get up half way though so we could let¬†gawkers¬†though. ¬†Although people can be very rude, because while we were waiting for them to pass, their tween age children decided to stand there and poke the fish with bamboo that they had pulled out of the ground in another sections. I asked them to leave (apparently you can do that when you pay the park $50 for a photo pass here, which we did!) so I did. I told them, “look we only have so much light with the sun going down and we are waiting for you to pass and I’m sure the fish don’t approve of you trying to spear them. Too harsh? I donno I just get¬†frustrated¬†when kids¬†purposely¬†are trying to harass animals, it just bugs me.

This is Lee pointing at all the gawlkers that had assembled after I yelled at the kids in a little hut that overlooked the little lake.

Another fall looking bonus were these trees, don’t they kind of give it a fall feel. We walked though this area a little bit and then decided to turn back. It¬†was a decently ¬†long walk back, and it was getting way too cold with the sun going down, but also the best time to shoot. So of course we did some shots here and every other place on the way back randomly. What are your favorite tricks for working with couples in the cold? I was¬†surprised¬†how warm all of us stayed for most of the trip, I think it had to do with all the walking._MG_8411_MG_8435_MG_8430_MG_8417

These are at the top of the stairs, at the bottom of the Italian gardens._MG_8498

This one would be perfect as a timeline cover for Amy, right guys, just saying lol._MG_8502

So remember I said I made them stop randomly all the way back? Well they looked at me like I was crazy, but I really loved this tree._MG_8530

They though this was a funny set up, but people don’t realize how some poses are fun and then lead into really sweet ones. I like this one, it’s playful, like honey I am going to choke you if you don’t stop¬†horsing¬†around._MG_8543-Edit

Then led into this really adorable one of them._MG_8544-2_MG_8531

So here is just the bride herself. I really did laugh when she told me what my brother said after their session. ¬†He said ” you know I know it’s all about the bride and all, but you know she didn’t even take any pictures of me by myself”. Which is true, but only because I honestly didn’t think I could get a straight face out of him. That, and when I would give him direction he would just make me laugh. He wouldn’t stand there stiff, but more like a sloth or a teenager that’s like um when is my close up? Amy made me laugh and said he’s just being vain. I told her that her pictures would be great if his face wasn’t in them and she suggested I put one of those Yuck stickers over his face lol. I told her I would be happy to do that for their¬†Christmas card._MG_8546-Edit_MG_8565

This was one of the last pictures and I just love a¬†genuine¬†smile.¬†Congratulations¬†to my brother on his¬†marriage, It really makes me so happy to see him with someone who loves and respects him and can harass him just as well as anyone else in the family. And a huge thank you to Amy for picking my brother and putting up with him. We all love you and can’t¬†believe¬†how lucky we are that you found him and we get to keep you as part of our family! Love you guys!
_MG_8562Ps… um Merry Christmas Lee & Amy lol ha, ha, I love you guys!_MG_8398-Edita

Oh my gosh I just can’t stand it any more!! My child is officially a toddler. Getting into stuff, using a sippy cup, eating real people food, yep he’s all grown up. Well except for the whole potty training thing, But we will be starting that craziness soon. So he’s 19 months now¬†(aka like 1 and a 1/2) I still don’t understand after they turn one why you have to give their age in months. I don’t do it I refuse lol, but my husband is always the first one to yell out (all proud papa) that he’s 19 months and whatever stage of life he’s in. So We finally, finally did his first hair cut ūüôĀ It so broke me heart. It’s so dumb but I feel like he’s ready to pack up and move out to college. He’s all grown up, well like I said except for the whole potty training business. So being the crazy person I am decided to cram his first hair cut and a hair cut for me into the same visit. Yea that’s do able right? It was a little stressful I”m not going to lie, but I wanted specifically to have it cut by my friend Annie. I have known her since high school and It just seemed right that she be the one to cut his hair. Is that weird, too sentimental. Oh well!

Like I said though I also had her cut my hair. This is crazy, but It hadn’t been cut in a year and a half!!!! To say it needed it is putting it mildly,because it looked atrocious. I really was feeling like I looked like a beat down mom. So I deserved it. I just should have been smart enough to plan it for two different days so I could relax instead of bringing¬†him with me. My husband kept him occupied the whole time I got my hair cut so kisses for him! If I didn’t ¬†get it cut I was going to lose my mind. I really should have done before and afters but my hair was way down to my butt. I normally grow it that long cut it and donate it, but last year I had it highlighted and apparently they don’t take colored hair, so I skipped that part this year. So here is how it went.

This is pre-haircut sitting in the waiting area with daddy. I’m used to it, but we got all sorts of crazy looks, because we rolled in the three of us with my camera bag his diaper bag and each of us with a coffee in hand. And I will tell you, a salon is not the place you want to bring your cup of coffee. Every time I set it down some where I though, wow I hope someone’s hair doesn’t get in my cup. Yea I know weird right lol. So we brought a ton of stuff, because well Annie works at a salon that is almost two hours from our house, yes I’m crazy, I know. She’s a friend though and I always try to find any little way to see people since we now live far from everyone and everyone is always so busy.So we brought Keaton’s favorite book, Dr. Seuss’ “hand hand fingers thumbs”. We have read that book a million dam times, but the funniest part is that the book says, ” one hand, two hands beating on a drum, dum ditty, dum ditty, dum, dum, dum.” So since my kid is hilarious he picked up on the whole dum, dum, dum part and says it a million times. When we were at my husbands work he kept saying dum, dum, dum and his coworkers asked if that’s what Keaton calls my husband.They know Keaton still doesn’t say daddy. It drives the hubby crazy he’s like, so I lost out to mommy, doggy and dum. So we finally got Keaton to the chair and put his adorable little cape on and one for daddy too then Annie went to work with a scowling, hesitant little cranky man.

Once she really got started, well I took a ton of pictures, cause he’s my kid ¬†and I think he eventually mellowed.Then I made sure we got my little lock of hair for his baby book, tears, all grown up, sniff sniff, moving away to college ūüôĀ And would you know I’m so awesome that I didn’t even think to bring a little baggy to put it in. So we made do with an envelope lol.After that it was trim away.At some point one of Annie’s coworkers decided to be a gem and get Keaton a lollypop. There where a couple times it almost stuck to the smock or his hair or what have you. He has never really had lollipops I dunno why, but he really enjoyed feeding it to my husband and just playing with it.¬†It¬†kept him entertained so wahoo!Ok last one this is pretty much what his hair looked like when he was done.

And then of course there was my haircut. If you look in my “about” section my hair was long in that picture and that was at his first birthday. So my I got my hair cut 6 months after that picture so it was pretty long. So here are two pics of it short. As usual it’s with my iPhone, because the ones my husband took at the salon looked crazy lol. Yea he’s not so good with the composition and stuff lol.

So I pampered myself and got my hair cut once in a year and a half, hope all you other mommies are doing a little better than I am at the whole you time thing! Hope everyone is enjoying December and the holiday craziness. Online shopping people that’s all I have to say. I enjoy keeping the spirit alive though secluding myself and avoiding the people that are crazier then I am at the stores and mall ūüôā

Have you ever been so tired that you forget how to spell your own name? Yea that just happened I was with a client, luckily my husband was there too. We’re all friends and we where going over their pictures and hanging out and when making out my check asked me how I spelled my last name if it was Tenney¬†or Tenny and I literally went blank. I was thinking of how when I tried to email my mother in law how she spelled her fist name Jenny and it was no e (Jenney) because people would type to fast and write Jenny Tenney and that was wrong and horrible lol. You know how some times you type and your mind is ahead of you? So for a second I was like “um is there supposed to be an e in my last name”? Heaven help me I have lost my mind, but God it was so funny. What can I say I”m quirky like that.¬†¬†I actually ¬†just ¬†hopped on the computer wrote this out as a draft first and saved it because I had to tell you about this movie I just saw called ” I don’t know how she does it”, ¬†it was so funny. It just basically shows how humorous trying to be a working mom is and all the crazy and funny stuff life throws at you when you have kids. Here are two clips I though were good to show you what I mean.

So this is my shout out to all the mommies ¬†who think their life is crazy! See the humor in it all and laugh it off. I live a crazy life, I love it, It’s funny, I try to balance, and I have fun because well, life is crazy and it can’t be helped. You just have to go with it, it’s the only way to have fun.

I though this tied very well into something else I’ve been needing to post a that is the beautiful baby Isabella. I have to say I really enjoyed seeing her mom really become a mommy now that she’s here! When you see people you know before kids and then after not only is it kinda funny sometimes but It’s also amazing. Seeing them hold their little tiny baby, It’s super precious. So this is Miss. Isabella.

I really had a blast and loved this rosy version of this image. When she was born you would have thought she was a c-section baby. I know it’s funny to say but she has the perfect little round head.

I was so excited that this fit but I just loved this little headband. I tend to add a prop or two to the collection every couple of sessions and so when I went out to look for things I really had a blast. Too bad I have a boy. Boys are easier, however if we have a second one I still kinda wonder if it would be a girl. My mother-in-law had three boys trying for a girl lol.

I also put her in this adorable little skirt. Looking for one was great because my husband was so far out of his element it was ridiculous. He would point to one and say, “well that’s pink” and I would say “yes honey bright pink fuchsia with sequins, It’s not like she’s going to a club, honey. Think girlie, baby girl”. One thing that I didn’t think would happen but, planned for was believe it or not, the weather. I know these are not outdoor pictures but I like to do newborn sessions using window light and in the winter it’s great because you get a lot of cloudy skies. Which gives you beautiful diffused light coming in though the windows. Although even though sun goes down earlier I wasn’t expecting it to disappear in the clouds then also be at an angle where the window I was using was shaded. I always come prepared though and we set up the lights and moved on.

It’s great getting to photograph baby girls because they have headbands and all sorts of adorable props, but this was also one of my favorites. She doesn’t have her headband on and is still wearing her diaper but I think it’s beautiful. I kind of wonder though, opinions anyone.. do you think it would have the same vibe if she was wearing a headband or hat?

Here are some more with out the prop stuff. I just really loved this blanket and just her beautiful little self.

I do love this one, vertically too! She just makes me laugh though because she never really relaxed her hand. Her mom said that when babies are full they will relax it. This little one is always hungry, poor mom. I felt like she drank five gallons while I was there. But her mama knows her and daddy too. At one point I though she was pretty passed out and they said, watch we’ll put her in the basket and in a minute she will be hungry again, and sure enough that’s what happened.
So after she ate she looked like this, hand curved up under her chin, so sweet. I also just adore this one of her mom. You may not feel the same but I just love to see moms.. & dads fawn over their new babies.

I also really liked seeing her ring in this one so we did a hands over the baby shot.

For the rest of these I know, I know, I went a little crazy cause their all sepia! I normally do feet and hand pictures on black, but it was the end of the session and we just kinda flowed into this and I was really surprised how much I liked some of the angles that I may be wouldn’t normally use.

Ok so I’m sure you know how I feel when you feel like you are constantly making no progress, that is how I feel about this post. Because It was halfway written when I decided to hit “save Draft” and It completely deleted¬†it, Awesome. That is how I feel like the past couple days have¬†gone, sorry for the negativity, but It is now the holidays, the season of oh ha ha ha you though that would be easy, um no. Things are fairly good actually¬†it’s just that this is my first and probably only “vacation weekend”. obviously¬†not from work cause I”m blogging. But from my little man. I get tonight and tomorrow away, hanging at my parents house and sleeping in because I haven’t¬†had that in a year and a half, since he was born. Can anyone relate? Well anyway I’m blogging, which is forward, but I’m also one step back, because he’s with daddy, but he’s¬†sick ūüôĀ so I”m on edge waiting for the phone call. You know the one come home he’s sick and a wreck. So for now we’re blogging lol. So, moving forward¬†I had a session with my favorite twins! Which was kind of funny, because¬†they are only a couple of months¬†younger than¬†my son and just as fast. I brough with me a metal¬†fire truck¬†to keep them encased¬†and occupied which we ended up not using because one of them was attached¬†to¬†mommy’s¬†hip the whole time. Can you say TEETHING!! Ouch! Yea, but it was only one of them. But with twins if one cries it sets the other one off¬†too, so it’s craziness. I love these kiddos¬†so we roll with it. We also gave him Advil¬†right before we went out. Which reminds me of the funniest¬†slogan¬†I heard this week. This probably isn’t¬†Dimetapp¬†actual¬†slogan¬†but they should make shirts cause it’s great! The slogan¬†was “Don’t just slap ’em¬†Dimetapp¬†’em”. Ok if you are a mom that is just funny ok, no judging, right? So while we where waiting for the little mans Advil to kick in we did some individual shots in the backyard.

With little kids I”m all about getting what you can while you can, because you never know, especially if their sick when they will hit their, I’ve had enough point. So I try to keep it very chill and give them breaks. Oh and toys, this is one of their firetrucks, because daddy is a fireman.So I think the backyard worked out well. Then we moved on to the whole crew and there was a lot of chasing, luckily just one twin lol.

So since just getting them sitting is a challenge we go for the we’re cute babies playing, it works for them right?

Then we moved to some sites around the neighborhood. We got really lucky that the day was really warm I had them plan to bundle¬†up the twins in beanies and mittens. It turned out to be amazing weather and the light was great so as always we had a great time.We did some walking around and I have to say don’t assume all kids will hold hands together with mommy and daddy, like mine, these kids run. Those are the outtakes so maybe another time, but hey most little ones love daddy’s¬†shoulders. This is about the time I remembered that my Iphone¬†had Pandora radio with kids music on it and we were happy campers from then on.

These¬†with daddy I think are adorable, because their eyes are just so blue and amazing and because they just look like little models. These kids are really going to break hearts one day, and be super tall with beautiful blue eyes; I”m so glad I get to see them grow up, It is definitely¬†one of the perks of my job. That and the longer you’ve known a kid the more¬†comfortable¬†they will be with you which makes my job easier double bonus.

I tried to get them to put their little backs up to each other and fun stuff, but they were too cuddled up to mom and dad.I also tried to get some separates.Can you tell who was mr. cranky? They still look adorable that’s what makes me laugh.So great job twinsies, here is to mommy picking which ones are now going on the Christmas cards. Glad she’s picking not me, when little kids are adorable how do you choose, really? lol.