Any one for tea?

So I have never been a bridesmaid before, ok ever!!! So I was super excited to be asked by my friend Danielle 🙂 She wanted to have a bridal tea for around 22 people as her bridal shower. Which seemed easy at first, then I realized its not it’s crazy, like mad hatter crazy. We planned to hold it outside at her sisters house which meant finding tea sets and table cloths and vintage everything. Which seemed a little more difficult then I had originally though because most tea sets come in a set of 6 and most people do not want to lend out very vintage and elegant china. Then it occurred to me and my new best friend Holly ( the made of  honor) that we where being very ridiculous. We had completely forgotten that there is a place in town that does bridal teas and high teas and all sorts of fun things. It’s called Miss Minerva’s tea room, in Culpeper, VA. Oh I can not tell you how much I adore and appreciate them, they where so great. Plus for the cost of what we would have spent to try and do it ourselves we had them do it, and it turned out amazing! They were soo sweet and great to deal with. I’m pretty sure I now have to bring my mom, grandmother, aunt, and mother in law back here as a special treat. You may think that tea parties are dull, but it was actually very calm and enjoyable. As far as showers go you get to spend the whole time hanging out, catching up with friends and being waited on. What is better than that? Plus I got to wear a fun hat so wahoo! So this is the beautiful bride my friend Danielle!_MG_1271 This is my new best friend Holly aka Made of Honor. She helped plan this and she did the bachelorette party which no I am not sharing pics of, although it was a total blast. These girls are too fun. I really love Holly, and I’m so glad I met her! Danielle manages to bring together everyone! She even introduced me to my husband. She should be a match maker, right? Any way here is the beautiful Holly!_MG_1331 copyWave Holly, say hi to everyone, it’s great being the Made of honor and hosting lol. _MG_1269

This is Chantel, Danielle’s sister. I love this picture of her and was so happy and surprised she managed to help us plan, even though she has a little adorable boy. His name is Elliot and man boys are always a handful. Although you can see he really did well hanging with all the girls.  _MG_1288He got to wear a hat too! Everyone loves hats it’s just true.


This is Christy who was kind enough to let Danielle borrow her house and land for her wedding. Her and Holly are both laughing at Christy’s little gem, Summer._MG_1239 And this is Summer 🙂 _MG_1234_MG_1232

I laughed really hard when my friend Melissa showed up, who I never get to see. She obviously didn’t tell me that she was going to dressed as my twin. What can you do great minds think alike. Ps we look so similar so just so you know I am the one on the left.

_MG_1250There were tons of other people there and the best was getting to check out all the hats. Some were from the hat room at Miss Minerva’s, she has a hat room with pearls and everything. Who doesn’t love to dress up and be dainty 🙂

_MG_1244_MG_1245-2_MG_1248_MG_1238 copy_MG_1311

Showers are a great time for everyone to meet each other before the wedding, but here is one person you have to meet. This is Miss Minerva herself, she was hanging out in the hat room with a variety of hats and pearls and such for everyone to try on. Some days Miss Minerva sits outside the shop and watches all the happenings on our adorable little main street here in Culpeper._MG_1241Inside Miss Minerva’s there is so much to look at, beautiful tea sets for purchase, and even a tea sniffing bar. Here are some of the beautiful tea sets._MG_1226a_MG_1218_MG_1225B&WFinilly after all our chatting we sat down for tea and more talking. The table settings where so pretty and we added little teapots filled with flowers to the bride’s table and gift table, they where from Designs by Teresa in Warrenton, Va._MG_1182 copy_MG_1338_MG_1339 copy_MG_1213

These are some of the sets we used for the party, aren’t they just gorgeous. I loved how the tables were set up._MG_1208_MG_1215_MG_1184This was my cup of tea and it was really amazing! We had wedding tea which I had never had before and I had fun putting in sugar cubes. Please it’s not like you have sugar cubes at home._MG_1275_MG_1183The food was also great, not only did they have the typical cucumber sandwiches, but they also had these little pinwheel things that had, I think it was roast beef, amazing! Biscuits with jam and cream, and all sorts of other goodies._MG_1266_MG_1265_MG_1264

Cream puffs and scones every thing was just amazing.

I think everyone enjoyed drinking with pinkies up._MG_1277_MG_1276Next it was onto party games. I think we made her answer questions and cram gum in her mouth for all the wrong ones. What is classier at a tea party then to talk and laugh with a mouth full of gum._MG_1316_MG_1307a_MG_1289While we played everyone kept the babies busy, fancy and low key what could be better._MG_1302a_MG_1304_MG_1206We opened presents and I tried to tell her that the more ribbons you cut the more kids you will have. So would you believe that stubborn girl just to prove she didn’t have to cut it bent the box trying to get all my ribbon off that I had tied insanely tight. How unlady like lol._MG_1347_MG_1348

Then there was of course cake which was provided by Knakals bakery in town. I made the favors and we also had people fill out their addresses so the bride could send out thank you notes._MG_1281_MG_1190_MG_1192_MG_1195_MG_1196_MG_1278

This is the whole crew, it was a great day and I loved being apart of it. Thanks again to Miss Manerva’s for making it all happen._MG_1349-5