Where should we have this baby, um here, now!

So this is the beautiful Noelle or Ellie as she is called by her friends. Her birth story is just out of this world and, if I didn’t know this amazing couple I would have just thought it was craziness. So, the meaning of Noelle of course is Christmas so it was so fitting that Ellie decided to be born during a kind of freak snow storm in March. She was actually due April 4th, but obviously Miss Ellie needed to have a grand entrance. However the snow isn’t the crazy part, Ellie was actually born on the side of the road, delivered by her mommy with daddy by her side. Their story was picked up by a bunch of news organizations in our area most of them made it sound so normal lol but, since I know them and know how crazy it must have been I think this gives you a good impression of how it all went down. This video clip even has part of his 911 call, soo crazy!

Leesburg baby delivered on Dulles Toll Road | WJLA.com.

See you have to understand with the last baby she was one of those woman that got to stay at two cementers for like days so 3 weeks early she wasn’t really thinking Ellie would be here fast and in a hurry. So she started having contractions in the morning and then called her hubby JP at the gym to come take her to the hospital. They called a friend to come over and watch their adorable son Jackson which took about 20 min and then they were off to the hospital. I talked to her about how crazy it all was and I can’t imagine having contractions and trying to hold them in, torture. Thankfully she just came out and was born with no complications thank God! I love their story, they are such a great family, love them! Aren’t they super adorable, especially with little Jackson’s laugh? Super precious πŸ™‚Keegan-11x14I believe in making things personal and I just loved this blanket they had, that had been passed down. She looks so adorable on it._MG_0249-Edit_MG_0221-Edit_MG_0212-Edit-Edit_MG_0200a_MG_0193-Edit

I also got to meet Sarah’s mom while I was there and I just loved to see all the girls together._MG_0428-Edit_MG_0438-EditB&WCoffeeShop Diptych 2

Having a boy means that when you have a girl next, it’s like bring on the pink. Even JP said how adorable she looks in her little bows, so girlie πŸ™‚_MG_0469-Edit copy_MG_0473-Edit_MG_0478-Edit_MG_0444-Edit_MG_0296-Edit copy_MG_0301-Edit

Speaking of having little boys first, their little son Jackson is just barely younger then my son so it was such a joy to see him interact with his new baby sister. He has such a personality, what a cutie pie._MG_0309-EditB&W_MG_0305-Edit copy_MG_0234-EdittrainAnd a big bravo to this super hero mommy not only did she deliver this beautiful baby girl, but she has worked so hard to stay sane with a toddler running around and no sleep. Not to mention miss Ellie has colic and is alergic to a ton of stuff; and mommy is still hanging in there, brestfeeding and getting to eat next to nothing, because little one is allergic to everything. Poor mom no peanut butter, milk or lattes, what is a mom to do? So she gets a huge bravo for hanging in and being amazing while doing it, WAY TO GO SARAH!!! Β She is amazing and beautiful and it was such a joy to get to be a part of all the craziness!_MG_0315_MG_0318_MG_0230-Edit_MG_0368-Edit_MG_0367-Edit-2_MG_0366_MG_0364_MG_0362_MG_0492-Edit

The tradition that started with their first baby was to have a picture of all their feet together so I was thrilled to do this for them with all the families feet, hope they are all getting some sleep by now πŸ™‚_MG_0353 copy